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Conditions We Treat at Kleefeld Chiropractic

If you always though that a chiropractic clinic only handles whiplash or backaches, then it's time you discovered Kleefeld Chiropractic. Our Redding chiropractor, Dr. Larry Kleefeld, provides natural, non-surgical solutions for an astonishingly wide spectrum of health and wellness issues.

Conditions Treated by Our Redding Chiropractor

  • Pain Management - Many types of chronic pain are related to spinal or postural dysfunction, which we can treat through chiropractic care. We also employ the Graston Technique and massage therapy to relieve chronic muscle, nerve and connective tissue pain.
  • Trigger Points - Trigger points are painful knots that can refer pain throughout the body. Our Redding chiropractor can use sophisticated methods such as massage therapy and the Graston technique to break up internal scarring or other factors in trigger point formation. 
  • DOT Physicals - Dr. Keefeld is fully qualified to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. These thorough examinations can make certain that you (or your employees) meet all the physical and health requirements for DOT work.
  • Orthotics - Poor arch support can result in plantar fasciitis as well as ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Our custom-fitted orthotics provide extra support to banish these pains and strains.
  • Forward Head Posture - If your head droops forward habitually, the results many include muscular strain, cervical nerve impingement, headaches and other complaints. Chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and lifestyle adjustments can ease your symptoms and help you maintain a straighter head posture.
  • Back Pain - A misaligned spinal column can pinch spinal nerves and place unequal stresses on the musculature, creating acute or chronic pain. Our Redding chiropractor will can find and fix the underlying cause of your back pain.

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  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain, numbness and loss of manual dexterity. If tight connective tissues are the cause, massage therapy can help. If your symptoms are actually being caused by a nerve root impingement, we can correct that problem through spinal adjustment.
  • Compression Fractures - Spinal compression fractures can lead to subluxation (spinal misalignment) that remains even after the fracture is healed. We perform spinal screenings to check for subluxation, making gentle adjustments as needed.
  • Spinal Degeneration - Degenerative spinal conditions can cause pain, stiffness, tingling, numbness and loss of function. Chiropractic treatment can help take pressure off of worn cartilage, inflamed joints and pinched nerve tissue.
  • Trochanteric Bursitis - This bursitis of the hip joint is typically related to faulty biomechanics. A combination of chiropractic adjustment, massage and other techniques can relieve pain and allow the hip to operate more normally.
  • Work Related Injuries - Many work related injuries cause spinal misalignment, nerve damage or impingement and soft tissue pain. Our techniques can help you get back to work more quickly and comfortably.

Suffering from These Issues? Contact Our Redding Chiropractor Today

Don't let any of these health conditions keep you from enjoying your life. Call 530-722-9010 today for an appointment with our Redding chiropractor!

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