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Pain Management

Physical pain impacts the way that you manage your lifestyle and situation. When you experience pain in your back, joints or neck, you want to address the underlying factors that contribute to your pain. Our Redding chiropractor provides the tools and options that help address your pain and discomfort.

What is Pain Management?

Pain management is a general term that describes solutions you use to address physical discomfort, aches and pain. Depending on the underlying cause of pain, the natural relief solutions we offer vary. For example, we provide spinal adjustments and decompression to help with back pain or neck pain. The chiropractic treatments specifically address the pressure on your vertebrae and spine that causes physical pain. The treatment helps with pinched nerves, pain from a herniated disk or muscle pain due to an accident or injury.

Essentially, pain management in our clinic is a natural process that works around the situation. We address the underlying cause of your pain and encourage the healing processes through spinal manipulation, joint manipulation or other natural treatments that specifically address your needs and situation.

chiropractor giving an adjustment to male patient

How Redding Chiropractic Care Assists with Pain

The way that we help with pain depends on your injuries and the situation. At our clinic, our Redding chiropractor evaluates the full extent of your injuries before developing a treatment plan. We use a combination of natural solutions to alleviate pain based on your goals, the injuries and the amount of pain you experience.

Tools we use to help address physical discomfort and aches from an accident include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Appropriate exercise and stretching recommendations
  • Massage therapy

Our exercise recommendations depend on your injuries and your needs. For example, after a sports injury, we make suggestions regarding stretching and gentle exercises that allow your muscles, joints and bones to heal before you start more rigorous programs. If you need treatment after a car accident, we recommend appropriate exercises based on the severity of your injuries. Massage therapy works on your muscles and helps with circulation, so it helps when your injuries include sprains, strains or whiplash. 

Recovering and Healing at Kleefeld Chiropractic

The process of healing after an accident or injury starts with finding the right pain management solutions. At Kleefeld Chiropractic, we provide the experienced assistance you need to focus on your recovery goals. A chiropractor evaluates your injuries and your mobility before developing a personalized treatment plan.

We use natural solutions like chiropractic treatments and massage therapy to address the underlying causes of your pain and help reduce the amount of pain you experience throughout the day. By addressing the pain and working on a pain management plan, you enjoy your life and maintain your lifestyle. 

A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy body. When you experience pain, headaches or other aches, it impacts your lifestyle and prevents you from enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities. For more details about the ways that we help with pain management or to set up an appointment, contact us today at 530-722-9010.

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