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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a universal problem. Just about everyone will experience it at least once in their lifetime. It can  be due to poor posture, a car accident injury, sports injury, workplace accident or a spinal medical condition. Common injuries and conditions that cause lower back pain include disc herniation, bulging disc, muscle strain and spinal stenosis.  Pain occurs below the ribcage in the lumbar region. It can be a dull ache or feel like a shooting pain. Acute pain occurs suddenly and it may be difficult to stand or sit. Chronic pain in the lower back is pain that lasts over three months.

man with lower back pain

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Lower Back Pain

In a herniated disc, the disc’s inner gel seeps out into the spinal canal and can irritate or impinge surrounding nerves. If the gel irritates the sciatic nerve, pain can radiate down the legs and to the feet. Although the gel doesn’t leak out in a protruding disc, it can still compress surrounding nerves and cause lower back pain. With spinal stenosis, the spinal column narrows and irritates the spinal components. Occupations that entail heavy lifting or twisting of the spine also put one at risk for low back pain. Even carrying a heavy bag on a daily basis can strain the back muscles and cause back pain. Other causes of lower back pain include a sedentary lifestyle or being overweight. Diagnosing the root cause of lower back pain entail X-rays, CT scans or MRIs. Treatment for lower back pain may include spinal manipulations by a chiropractor, massage therapy and corrective exercises.

Kleefeld Chiropratic: Your Redding Chiropractor

Dr. Kleefeld is your Redding chiropractor who has many patients recover from lower back pain. He takes a multi-faceted approach to healing and integrates several therapeutic methods to treat lower back pain. First, he performs a comprehensive exam, including physical tests and X-rays to find the root cause of the pain. Then, he creates a personalized treatment plan targeted to patient needs. With gentle spinal adjustments, he properly realigns the spine and muscles to reduce inflammation and pain. Often, patients experience some level of relief after the initial adjustment. Massage therapy is very effective for lower back pain. It relaxes the muscles, reducing swelling and increases circulation to the injured area to accelerate the body’s healing process. Plus, each patient is given an appropriate exercise plan to strengthen muscles and prevent future injury.

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, turn to Kleefeld Chiropractic for an effective treatment plan. Our goal is help you live a pain-free lifestyle. Give us a call in Redding at 530-722-9010

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