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A Patient's Guide to Trochanteric Bursitis

At Kleefeld Chiropractic patients often present with pain about the hip caused by trochanteric bursitis. 

When the patient experiences localized pain about the bony bump (trochanter) along the side of the hip, trochanteric bursitis is often the cause.  A bursa is a small sac that lubricates the muscles, tendons and bones in order to reduce friction.  Sometimes the trochanteric bursa can become inflamed (swollen and irritated) with too much friction or injury.  The bursa then loses some of its lubricating ability and the friction generates pain.

man with back pain


The first symptom is usually pain.  Over time, it may radiate pain down the outside of the thigh and cause a limp.  Sleep is sometimes disturbed when lying on the affected side.


Dr. Kleefeld recommends that diagnosis begin with history and physical examination of the affected hip and this is usually all that is necessary to establish diagnosis.


Dr. Kleefeld usually recommends a combination of the following therapies:

  • Hip joint mobilization to restore normal motion if involved.
  • Ultrasound over to reduce inflammation and minimize adhesions
  • Interferential current to reduce muscle spasm, swelling and pain
  • Customized exercise program as recovery allows
  • Homecare measures such as ice and heat as indicated
  • Medication management
  • Activity modification initially as pain parameters allow
  • Normalization of activities of daily living as pain complaints settle.
  • Specialty consultation and x-rays if symptoms persist.

Should you require any additional information, contact Dr. Kleefeld today at 530-722-9010! 

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