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Kleefeld Chiropractic Care: Safe, Conservative & Effective Spinal Joint Manipulation

At Kleefeld Chiropractic, we follow a highly personalized approach to chiropractic care. Our conservative treatment addresses the root cause for pain by treating spinal joint misalignments and nerve dysfunction. All of our treatment plans are fully customized to each patient’s unique chiropractic needs based on the information gathered by our Redding chiropractor Dr. Kleefeld during an initial diagnostic exam. Our plans integrate a variety of different manipulation options based on patient preference and clinical need. These options include low-force techniques to adjust the spine (without any popping) and active manipulation. The safety and health of our patients is paramount in everything that we do.

The Root Cause for Pain: Spinal Joint Dysfunction

human Spine chiropractic careSpinal joints that become dysfunctional produce pain. This joint dysfunction is known by many different names including subluxations and manipulations; sometimes you may simply hear someone say, “My back is out of place.” No matter what you call a spinal misalignment, the resulting pain can stop you from living an active life. The most common causes for spinal dysfunction include poor posture, scoliosis, wear and tear (degeneration), and arthritis. Most patients have multiple causes of dysfunction including repeat injury. The resulting dysfunction from these injuries is cumulative; this means that pain can be intense and difficult to manage.

The good news is that spinal dysfunction is easily identified upon examination. Since dysfunctional spinal joints have reduced mobility, upon examination they will appear stiff and painful. There may also be localized tenderness associated with the joints and muscular spasm. If the joint dysfunction has been present for an extended period but never treated, patients may also experience painful nodules in the nearby muscles called "trigger points."

Chiropractic Care in Redding Relieves Pain & Supports Whole Body Health

Chiropractic spinal manipulation is an effective, drug-free treatment approach that brings a full range of mobility back to the affected joints while naturally managing pain. There are four main categories of manipulation options:

  1. The very soft and gentle activator method.
  2. Joint mobilization through very gentle stretching
  3. Joint mobilization utilizing contract relax stretching
  4. Joint manipulation (cracking and popping type) technique

Regardless of the type of joint manipulation, our Redding chiropractor finds that overall treatment outcomes are improved when specific corrective exercises are performed on a daily basis by the patient. For patients who have recently sustained a physical injury, we may also integrate specific physical therapy modalities into the treatment plan. Physical therapy is administered in our chiropractic center. The goal of physiotherapy treatments it to help muscles that have become chronically tight, shortened and compromised. Trigger points massage is also beneficial for releasing trapped muscular tension and bringing a greater range of mobility back to the body.

Our Redding chiropractor Dr. Kleefeld has more than 38 years of experience providing gentle, safe, and effective treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. A comprehensive initial examination will determine whether a patient is a suitable candidate for chiropractic care, or if another treatment modality will be more effective. For more information, schedule your diagnostic exam with Dr. Kleefeld today: call (530) 722-9010

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