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Our Redding Chiropractor Explains Headaches and Migraines

People often think of headaches as passing minor annoyances, and many headaches do indeed come and go without any clear cause. But if you suffer from constant or recurring headaches, you know there's nothing "minor" about their impact on your quality of life. This is especially true if you suffer the debilitating symptoms of migraine headaches. The good news is that since many of these forms of head pain originate from musculoskeletal imbalances, our Redding chiropractor at Kleefeld Chiropractic may be able to offer natural, drugs free relief.

woman holding hands to templesWhile some headaches are tied to specific medical conditions such as tumors, dehydration or sinus infections, others are related to spinal misalignments. The classic tension headache is a prime example. Tension headaches are so named because they're associated with stress and emotional tension, but some people may be especially prone to them due to a neurological hypersensitivity that amplifies ordinary pain signals. A cervical spinal misalignment can set off tension headaches by causing a tiny muscle called the RCPM muscle to go into spasm. This muscle tugs at the dura mater, a highly sensitive membrane located at the base of the skull, and a headache is the final result. 

Migraines have a wide range of triggers -- anything from hormonal changes and specific foods to changes in the weather can set them off. While the precise mechanism behind them is not completely understood, it appears that imbalances of serotonin affect brain stem function, which in turn impacts the trigeminal nerve and blood vessel constriction/dilation in the head. The signs of a migraine, however, are unmistakably severe: debilitating head pain, strange visual auras, nausea, and hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Natural Headache and Migraine Relief

Spinal adjustment and other natural services from our Redding chiropractor can make an enormous difference in your ability to ward off tension headaches and migraines. Dr. Kleefeld will take your medical history, ask you about your symptoms, and perform a detailed spinal screening to pinpoint any signs of subluxation (vertebral misalignment) that might be behind your misery. If a misalignment is found, careful manual manipulations, with or without the aid of special tool called an Activator, can correct them. Once your muscles are free of unnatural strain, headaches are far less likely to recur. We may also prescribe massage therapy to loosen tight muscles and relieve chronic strain, pain and inflammation.

Chiropractic care can even help migraine sufferers. Migraines have their roots in abnormal biochemical balances in the body -- and these balances, like all other physiological systems, are governed by the nervous system. Nerves that are impinged due to a misalignment simply cannot communicate properly with the body. By correcting these issues, we can help normalize your physical functions to make you less prone to migraine attacks. Contact our Redding chiropractic today for an evaluation. We'll show you that you don't have to live with headache and migraine symptoms!

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