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Redding Massage Therapy for Enhanced Pain Management & Whole Body Health

From drug-free pain management to injury rehabilitation, Redding massage therapy at Kleefeld Chiropractic & Massage delivers important whole body health benefits for our patients. Massage therapy is a natural complement to chiropractic adjustments. Loosening and lengthening the muscles through massage therapy natural complements the alignment of the joints through chiropractic care. By combining chiropractic care with massage therapy, our Redding chiropractor is able to offer an elevated level of pain relief.

Bodywork Therapy at Kleefeld Chiropractic: Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage & More!

At Kleefeld Chiropractic & Massage, we offer several massage styles; each style can be fully customized to meet our patients’ unique health needs. Our massage styles include Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage Pregnancy Massage, and even a customized massage based on the individual's needs. These different massage styles not only relieve a patient’s pain, but they support wellness from within. Our goal is to help patients live full, active and pain-free lives.

Massage offers several important health benefits. The simple act of massage sore or tender tissue helps to release the build up of lactic acid from within these muscles and improve circulation. Better circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the muscles, reducing inflammation and swelling after injury. Massage also helps to release tension that is trapped within the muscles. After an injury, for example, tension can “lock” the muscles in a tight, rigid position. Sports massage and deep tissue massage are two massage styles focused on helping the muscles unlock, restoring a natural range of mobility to the body.

Massage therapy is beneficial for a variety of pain conditions, including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, jaw pain/TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and leg pain. Trigger point massage is a massage style designed specifically to address chronic pain from knots trapped within the fascia, the body’s connective tissue. Tissue adhesions can prevent the muscles form working well together and cause muscle stiffness, tenderness and a decreased range of motion. As the pain or discomfort from a specific adhesion radiates outwards from this point, this radiation can trigger referral pain at other points along the body. For example, pain the jaw is often linked closely with tension in the neck; relieving this tension can help the jaw relax.

Our licensed massage therapist works closely with our chiropractor in Redding to deliver fully custom treatment sessions tailored to each patient’s unique wellness needs. For some patients, this may mean a gentle Swedish Massage focused on relaxation and enhancing the mind-body connection. For other patients, Trigger point therapy to release knots of tension deep within the muscles may be better suited to their pain management needs. While massage therapy is a natural complement to chiropractic care and physiotherapy, you do not have to be a current chiropractic patient to schedule a massage therapy appointment.

From a deep sense of relaxation to enhanced pain relief, massage therapy can have a profound impact on your quality of life. In addition, massage therapy is a benefit covered by most insurances. For more information on massage therapy benefits, call 530-722-9010.

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